Professional Responsibility Committee

The Professional Responsibility Committee examines legal ethics issues facing New York City practitioners and makes recommendations as to potential changes in the standards that govern the conduct of lawyers. Among other things, the Committee does the following: (1) issues white papers to guide practitioners within a focused practice area (such as the white paper issued last year on the foreign outsourcing of legal services and related ethical issues); (2) sponsors CLEs on various ethics-related topics; (3) comments on pending legislation (for example, last year the Committee joined in a letter to comment on proposed legislation in Albany governing the disclosure of certain information by attorney-legislators); (4) proposes legislation (for example, a bill is currently pending to amend Judiciary Law § 475 on attorney liens); (5) submits amicus briefs (such as a brief the Committee submitted in a federal lawsuit challenging the attorney advertising rules); and (6) proposes new rules or changes to existing rules.