Juvenile Justice Committee

The Committee on Juvenile Justice addresses issues relating to juveniles in the family court and criminal justice system. Committee members bring a diversity of view points from city and state agencies, the Judiciary, the private sector, law schools and various advocacy groups. The Committee hosts monthly meetings and invites guest speakers to provide information on current juvenile topics. Topics are presented in a setting where members have the opportunity to learn from, and participate in a productive and informative discussion.

Over the last several years, the Committee responded to the Youthful Offender and other juvenile justice legislation; and hosted panels addressing Teen Prostitutes: Victims or Defendants?; The Safe Harbor Act; Juvenile Delinquency Prevention: Is New York City Doing Enough?; Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility; Education for juveniles in the system; Alternatives to Detention; and the need for mental health related services. The Committee also proposed Youthful Offender sentencing guidelines.

Most recently, the focus has been on Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility. The Committee is working with the raise-the-age sub-committee, a partnership with the Citizens Crime Commission and New York Center for Juvenile Justice in a dialogue to reconsider New York’s age of criminal responsibility. Additionally, the Committee is actively working with the Age of Criminal Responsibility Working Group at the Bar Association.

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