International Commercial Disputes Committee

The International Commercial Disputes Committee (ICDC) focuses on the study of, and issuance of reports on, emerging and practical issues in international arbitration and cross-border commercial litigation. The ICDC’s members include law firm practitioners, academics, and neutrals, as well as representatives of major providers of rules and services in international arbitration and mediation in New York. Recent ICDC reports have addressed such topics as arbitrator requests for advance conflict waivers, third-party subpoena practice, publication of arbitral awards and decisions, expert determinations, and the limited scope of the “manifest disregard of the law” doctrine. Current topics under study include arbitral awards of interest, appellate procedures within the arbitral process, and data security in arbitration. Committee members are encouraged to participate in at least one ongoing subcommittee report project and to attend quasi-monthly committee breakfast meetings during which subcommittee projects are discussed, draft reports are reviewed and approved, and committee members and guests lead conversations on recent developments and cutting-edge issues. The ICDC works collaboratively with leading law schools, not-for-profit entities, and other bar committees involved the field, including the City Bar’s Arbitration Committee, to promote understanding of the practice of international dispute resolution in New York and elsewhere.