Criminal Law Committee

The Criminal Law Committee is devoted to improving the quality, fairness and effectiveness of the criminal justice system in New York and nationally. The Committee is comprised of representatives from various aspects of the criminal justice system, including state and federal prosecutors, public and private defense attorneys, current and former Commissioners of various law enforcement agencies, professors and judges. It advances its agenda through educating the profession on developments and current issues in the criminal law and criminal justice system, proposing and/or advocating for legislation and policy initiatives, and coordinating with other committees on issues that intersect with the criminal law. It also periodically involves itself in active, ongoing cases through amicus briefing. Through its activities, the Committee strives to be an important voice in the leading issues and debates that shape our criminal justice system.

Of Interest

Criminal Justice, Police Reform and Civil Rights sectionaddresses the intersection of criminal laws, policing and racial justice, and contains information regarding City Bar reports and programming on those subjects.