Construction Law Committee

The Construction Law Committee provides a roundtable forum for attorneys and other professionals to address and discuss the most pressing and relevant issues facing the construction and development communities in the City and State of New York. The Committee also looks at how construction/ development issues facing other states, and/or federal, and international arenas affect the New York construction community.

The Committee is made up of both public and private attorneys specializing in all aspects of construction law, together with a variety of adjunct members employed in related industries, including architects, engineers, expert consultants, and contractor organization representatives. Our monthly meetings generally include a discussion of current industry events, member and guest presentations, and subcommittee updates. The diversity of our membership ensures lively, interesting and well-balanced debate, and, ultimately, helps our Committee members form a deep understanding of the current legal issues facing their clients.

Some of the more recent Committee accomplishments include: proposing legislative amendments to the notice of claim requirements under New York’s Public Authorities Law; drafting new City safety registration legislation; publishing a report on the state of public procurement in New York; researching risk-shifting in public and private construction contracts; researching potential methods of improving the ECB’s handling of construction-related complaints; and researching legal issues associated with the “green” construction movement. The Committee also works with other City Bar Committees, local law schools and industry organizations in order to accomplish its goals.

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