Art Law Committee

The Art Law Committee is committed to promoting understanding of and discussion about the legal issues and developments that impact the not-for-profit and commercial art worlds from the perspective of a variety of stakeholders, including artists, art dealers, art experts, galleries, auction houses, museums, and not-for-profits. The Committee follows legal developments related to fine art and antiquities, and builds relationships with leaders in the fine arts community, who regularly meet with Committee members, to understand how the law affects their work. Key legal issues addressed by the Committee include disputes over the authenticity of art, copyright, moral rights, title, business transactions, insurance, and nonprofit law, among many others.

The Committee regularly sponsors art-related speakers and events, many of which are open to the public. The Committee, often through its subcommittees, also investigates and reports on specific issues such as art authenticator protections and resale royalties. Recently, the Committee has drafted and worked to pass New York State legislation protecting art authenticators from frivolous and financially crippling lawsuits.