Air and Space Law Committee

The Air and Space Law Committee focuses on a wide variety of aviation-related issues, including business, engineering, finance, intellectual property, litigation, and regulatory matters. The Committee holds monthly meetings, publishes a newsletter, and is comprised of members from, for example, the airline industry, the fuel industry, a government agency, and law firms that regularly represent either the interests of airline passengers or airline/aircraft manufacturer defense interests. The current Committee Subcommittees include: Aerospace Engineering Law and Policy Subcommittee; Airline Business Subcommittee; Airport Travel, Safety and Funding Issues Subcommittee; Aviation and Government Contracting Subcommittee; Aviation Finance Subcommittee; Aviation Insurance Subcommittee; Aviation-Related Intellectual Property Subcommittee; Canadian Comparative Air Law Subcommittee; Commercial Airline Casualty Subcommittee; Corporate/Private Jet Charter Subcommittee; Cybersecurity and Aviation Subcommittee; Drone/UAS Regulation & Licensing Subcommittee; Federal Preemption Subcommittee; Fuel Subcommittee; General Aviation Subcommittee; International Aviation Treaties Subcommittee; Regulatory Subcommittee; Reports Subcommittee; Subcommittee on Commercial Space Flight; Subcommittee on ICAO Developments; Subcommittee on Rotary-Wing Aviation; and Technical Advances in Aviation Subcommittee.