What’s New at the City Bar – Bret I. Parker

Bret I. Parker

Fall 2016 

As the City Bar gets into full swing this fall, I’m pleased to update you on some important new developments.
First, we have revamped our Meeting Services operation. It’s now run on-site by Flik Hospitality Group, a global company with a strong presence in New York, including at many law firms ( Flik is able to offer a wider selection of menu choices and other enhancements than we previously could with our small but hard-working Meeting Services team and limited infrastructure.
We made this change because we want you to spend more time here at the House of the Association without having to compromise on selection and quality. We are fortunate beyond measure to have a beautiful landmark building in the heart of New York City, but the fact is that we compete with a whole host of venues and cuisine choices. With the world increasingly functioning online, it is refreshing to come together in person every so often. Whether networking at programs or discussing issues at committee meetings, nothing beats getting together over good food and drink.
Under the new arrangement, not only can committees order a wider selection of food choices, but we can offer catering and hospitality for your own events, whether personal or workrelated. 
Additionally, I am pleased to welcome Shan Thever to the City Bar as the new Director of our Small Law Firm Center. A practicing attorney since 1977 and a member of the New York, Washington D.C., and California Bars, Shan brings an impressive background and expertise in healthcare, immigration, and business law to the City Bar. He has argued before the California Supreme Court, and he has represented hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, doctors, and risk bearing organizations as defense counsel, plaintiffs’ counsel, and expert witness, and as a regulatory representative before state and federal health care agencies. As a former Board member of the California Minority Council Program, Shan is committed to promoting diversity in legal services. With small firm and solo attorneys making up about 25% of the City Bar’s membership, we look forward to working with Shan on serving this important City Bar constituency.
By now, many of you have visited and experienced our new and improved website. It was a large undertaking, unique to expansive associations like ours. When you are serving over 24,000 members and 160 committees with diverse interests, as well as communicating with the public, the media, and government officials on a regular basis, organization of content and user experience are key challenges. The site is now mobilefriendly, and the combined calendar makes it easy to see all upcoming CLEs and programs at a glance. And when you take a deep dive into the site, you’ll notice some enhanced tagging technology that shows related content in the margins. You’ll also find easy ways to search and filter to find just what you’re looking for among the thousands of pages on the site.
The City Bar Justice Center has redesigned its website as well. It’s got a great, clean look and feel. 
Speaking of new, fall is the season of new committee chairs. You can see who is chairing which committee on page 15. And on page 10, see the Committee Roundup to find out what they are cooking up for the months ahead. We are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to serve our members and stakeholders, so stay tuned and we’ll see you around the House. Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions anytime.