Unsafe Discharges from Mental Health Facilities Survey: Request for Input

WE NEED YOUR INPUT! The Mental Health Law Committee has developed a survey that seeks to understand whether and how legal advocacy impacts the likelihood of successful and safe discharges from mental health facilities. The survey will collect anonymous feedback from City Bar members and their colleagues on this important topic. We are particularly interested in hearing from attorneys who have had clients discharged from mental health facilities and who can provide feedback on factors that contributed to and/or detracted from the ability to discharge the client safely and successfully. If you are able to provide feedback, please fill out the survey – available here, or consider sharing with your colleagues. The survey closes on December 17. Thank you!
The New York City Bar Association’s Mental Health Law Committee (Karen Simmons, Chair) is charged with promoting and increasing awareness of mental health policies, practices, and laws, and their impacts on individuals with diagnosed, undiagnosed or perceived mental illness within the legal community and the broader public.  We hope to be part of the community seeking to destigmatize mental health concerns and to build strategies to eliminate and mitigate barriers to appropriate resources and care.
Led by its Subcommittee on Unsafe Discharges, the Mental Health Law Committee seeks to develop a better understanding of the transition from inpatient mental health care to community care and the real and/or potential barriers to a successful transition, with the goal of formulating an advocacy plan to address such barriers. We appreciate your help in this endeavor.

Click here to access the survey.