Statement of Solidarity with Election Officials across the Country

Secretaries of State, election officials and poll workers in many states have suddenly found themselves facing mounting pressure and outright threats as they work to support and uphold the very bedrock of our democratic system. In the face of public vitriol and, increasingly, violent threats,[1] these individuals have renewed their efforts to give an honest accounting of a free and fair election, and have thereby turned what should be administrative and oversight functions into an act of sheer courage. Together they have picked up the mantle of responsibility that our leaders have willfully discarded. It is with shame that we see election officials encounter threats of violence to themselves and their families simply for doing their jobs. But the perseverance of these election officials and poll workers is cause for hope, and for that they have our deepest thanks. To all who have committed themselves to preserving the integrity of our elections, thank you. To the public officials who have spoken up to defend these workers in the press and the public square, thank you. To the law enforcement personnel who are defending their safety in the streets and at home, thank you. Thank you for upholding truth and good faith, and for taking on this difficult, crucially important task at this most critical time.



[1] Threats and Tensions Rise as Trump and Allies Attack Elections Process, New York Times (November 19, 2020)