Revisions to the Criminal Justice System

The City Bar has compiled a thorough report that details several key areas of focus and comprehensive policy recommendations to reduce mass incarceration across New York State. The report calls on legislators to implement sweeping revisions to the criminal justice system, so that its central purpose is to address the root causes of crime and more effectively and compassionately prevent further crime.  In the belief that comprehensive, thoughtful reform will make communities safer, the report recommends: (1) arresting fewer people; (2) arraigning fewer people; (3) convicting fewer people; (4) sending fewer people to prison; (5) reducing prison sentences; (6) reforming prisons; and (7) reforming parole.  The report cites to a numbers of pending bills and offers recommendations for new legislation (including the other criminal justice proposals included in this agenda) that work towards achieving those recommendations.  The City Bar plans to support these and other measures that may be introduced that will help reduce mass incarceration in New York.