Rescheduling of July 2020 N.Y. State Bar Exam

April 9, 2020 Update from Court of Appeals: Contingency Planning

“As previously announced, the July 2020 bar examination is presently rescheduled for September 9-10, 2020.  Every effort is being made to ensure the safe and smooth administration of that examination.

The Court of Appeals recognizes, however, the possibility that persisting public health concerns may prevent the administration of a fall bar examination in New York.  We share the concerns expressed to us by the valued members of our legal community – law students, law school representatives, legal employers, and clients, among others – regarding lingering uncertainties and the immense challenges that may result from further postponement.  We value your input and remain committed to addressing your concerns in a manner that balances the interests of the public, the integrity of the legal profession, and the needs of recent law school graduates eager to join the workforce.

To that end, we are actively considering a number of contingencies in the event that further postponement of the bar examination becomes necessary.  The Chief Judge has convened a working group, led by Associate Judge Michael J. Garcia, to evaluate potential solutions and prepare for possible eventualities.  The working group is exploring the possibility of expanding the use of practice orders, among other means of providing temporary authorization for recent graduates to engage in the limited practice of law.  We expect to communicate further developments as expeditiously as possible.”