Registry Laws for Level One Sex Offenders | 2023 NYS Legislative Agenda

The duration of the registration requirements for individuals convicted of sex offenses is established in Correction Law § 168-h.  For a person who is classified as being at low risk to reoffend, the duration of the registration requirement is 20 years, measured from “the initial date of registration.” However, the phrase “initial date of registration” has been interpreted inconsistently with respect to individuals who first registered in another state before moving to New York.  The purpose of the proposed amendment is to bring fairness and uniformity to the time a person must spend on the registry, regardless of the state where they may have initially registered. With this amendment – which will impact only level one offenders – 20 years will mean 20 years, with the clock starting when the person first registers in any jurisdiction. This change is consistent with how judges have ruled on the issue when the individual is fortunate enough to have counsel. *City Bar Proposal*