President Biden’s Day One Executive Orders

The New York City Bar Association applauds President Biden for taking swift action on his first day in office to address a number of issues of great concern to the Association. We support action to rejoin the Paris Agreement, demonstrating that the U.S. will once again take a leadership role in addressing climate change. We also commend his actions on immigration and the border, which will remove a number of the most harmful and unproductive policies of the past administration. Led by our Immigration and Nationality Law Committee, the City Bar has advocated for immigration policy that is fair, humane, and purposeful, and that keeps, at its core, respect and dignity for all immigrants. We believe these Executive Orders, in particular reversing the “Muslim Ban,” ending border wall construction, recommitting to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and refocusing deportations on national security and public safety threats, are important steps forward. We look forward to supporting federal action that promotes the rule of law, an independent judiciary and Department of Justice, racial justice and equity, and freedom of the press.