Preet Bharara on The Future of White Collar Enforcement: A Prosecutor’s View

On October 20th, Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, addressed hundreds in the Meeting Hall of the New York City Bar Association on “The Future of White Collar Enforcement: A Prosecutor’s View.”

Among the topics Bharara addressed were insider trading, which he called “rampant” and an important focus of his office, and the importance of prosecutorial independence. In the last portion of his speech–which can be viewed in the video excerpt below–Bharara challenged the legal profession: “There is no one better situated to promote equality, preserve liberty, and prevent cruelty than the person who has genuinely dedicated himself to becoming both a master and a servant of the law,” he said, as he called on the “great lawyers” in attendance to act as “the greatest antidote against a creeping corporate corruption that has so sapped people’s faith in our economic order.”

Read the full remarks here.