Policy Recommendations for the Trump Administration

During the transitional period following U.S. Presidential elections, the New York City Bar Association sends “transition memos” to the incoming administration to convey the City Bar’s views on a variety of issues as policy discussions proceed and as the incoming administration sets out to implement its priorities. Some memos focus on matters of long-identified importance to the City Bar’s mission and advocacy agenda, and urge attention to those issues; others address particular issues perceived as likely to be high priorities on the administration’s agenda and subjects of close attention. As stated by City Bar President John S. Kiernan in his November President’s Column, “The perspective of these memoranda is that of lawyers, seeking to contribute to the debate as an association of professionals trained in and dedicated to the law, and believing that the City Bar should be viewed – and in many quarters is viewed – as a leading rule of law think tank representing the best thinking of both the legal and the commercial establishment.”

With the arrival of the 100-day mark for President Trump’s Administration, the City Bar has released a compilation of memos to the Administration offering policy recommendations on a wide range of domestic and international policies and topics including health care, criminal justice reform, infrastructure, national security and international affairs. These memos were authored by 20 City Bar committees over a four-month period and were distributed to transition-team members, elected officials and members of the administration.

The City Bar’s compilation, “2017 Policy Recommendations to the Trump Administration,” can be viewed here:

For more information on the City Bar’s work regarding the 2017 Presidential transition, please visit and read “The City Bar’s Response to the New Administration,” available at