NYC Bar Insights Launch Announcement

We are pleased to announce the launch of NYC Bar Insights, the New York City Bar Association’s new blog on the LexBlog platform, with the aim of bringing together and amplifying world-class legal commentary from our members at a time when insightful and actionable guidance is crucial.

NYC Bar Insights will curate and syndicate content from City Bar members like you. If you have a blog already, the LexBlog platform will extend your reach; if you don’t, LexBlog will provide you with a blog on their platform – connected with NYC Bar Insights – free through the end of the year. 

Contributing to NYCBAR Insights is an added benefit of your membership, and we’d like to have you and your blog as one of our launch partners. If you contribute your existing blog to the platform, it will, of course, be attributed to you, and the posts will link back to the original source.

Please let us know if you are interested. If you have a blog already and would like to submit it, please go here. If you don’t, and would like to give it a shot for free, please email