Film on Guantanamo Military Tribunals Screens at City Bar

Last night, The Response, an award-winning and critically acclaimed 30-minute courtroom drama based on transcipts of Guantanamo military tribunals, was screened at the City Bar, followed by a panel discussion.

In the film, a detainee stands before a panel of military officers, who question him in preparation for deciding his fate. The detainee pleads to know the evidence against him, but the evidence is classified. The film stars Aasif Mandvi (of the Daily Show) as the detainee and Peter Riegert, Kate Mulgrew and the film’s screenwriter and producer, Sig Libowitz, as the military officers.

Following the screening, Libowitz was joined on a panel by Richard V. Meyer, Associate Professor of Law, United States Military Academy & Lecturer in Law, Columbia Law School; Jonathan Hafetz, Associate Professor of Law, Seton Hall University School of Law; and Josh Colangelo-Bryan, Senior Attorney, Dorsey & Whitney LLP.

Here’s the trailer: