Compilation of the COVID-19-Related Administrative Orders of Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks

A compilation of the COVID-19-related Administrative Orders of Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks has been updated and can be found on the court system’s website here.  The latest AO (115/20) provides that, in each of the five counties of New York City (listed at Exh. B), “in courts and case types approved for electronic filing through NYSCEF, represented parties must commence new matters or proceed in pending matters exclusively by electronic filing through NYSCEF, and must file and serve papers in such matters (other than service of commencement documents) by electronic means through NYSCEF. Unrepresented parties must file, serve and be served in such matters by non-electronic means unless they expressly opt in to participate in NYSCEF.”  AO 115/20 further discuss procedures to follow where NYSCEF electronic filing is unavailable in courts or case types in the five counties, including use of EDDS for submitting certain papers, and a proviso for unrepresented parties.