City Bar’s Capital Punishment Committee Launches Capital Habeas Expert Resource Panel

The New York City Bar Association’s Capital Punishment Committee has created the Capital Habeas Expert Resource Panel (CHERP) to connect local law firms litigating pro bono post-conviction capital cases with additional resources. Effective immediately, pro bono attorneys may email the Committee’s Secretary, Kate McMahon, with a request for guidance with a specific case issue. This service is not intended to provide direct representation, but rather to support attorneys attempting to navigate the thorny landscape of capital post-conviction law. Panel experts are proficient in general habeas procedure, ineffective assistance of counsel claims, intellectual disability claims, clemency petitions, and mitigation, among other areas. In addition to providing general expertise, panel experts may also be able to assist pro bono attorneys with moot arguments. In order to maintain client confidentiality, in contacting CHERP please refrain from using individuals’ names as well as any client confidences that are not available in the public record.