City Bar Rates General Election Candidates for Civil Court and Supreme Court in New York City

The New York City Bar Association has evaluated the following candidates running in the November 8 general election for Civil and Supreme Court in Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond Counties. The review was conducted by the Association’s Committee on the Judiciary.

The Committee uses two ratings: Approved and Not Approved.  Candidates rated Approved have affirmatively demonstrated qualifications necessary for the performance of the duties of the position for which they are being considered.

Bronx County

Supreme Court, 12th Judicial District

Hon. Doris Gonzalez – Approved

Hon. LaTia Martin – Approved

Hon. Donald Miles – Approved


Civil Court, 2nd Municipal District

Bianka Perez – Not Approved


Civil Court, Bronx County

Hon. Marian C. Doherty – Approved

Patsy Gouldborne – Approved

Robert D. Siano – Not Approved

Myrna Socorro – Approved


Kings County

Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District

Hon. Reginald Boddie – Approved

Hon. Katherine Levine – Approved

Hon. Mark Partnow – Approved

Hon. Leon Ruchelsman – Approved

Hon. Shawndya Simpson – Approved

Philip J. Smallman – Not Approved

Hon. Peter Sweeney – Approved


Civil Court, 3rd Municipal District

Susan Quirk – Approved


Civil Court, Kings County

Vincent Martusciello – Not Approved

Jacqueline D. Williams – Approved


New York County

Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District

Hon. Rolando T. Acosta – Approved

Hon. James d’Auguste – Approved

Hon. Erika M. Edwards – Approved

Hon. Kelly Levy – Approved

Hon. Doris Ling-Cohan – Approved

Hon. Andrea Masley – Approved

Hon. Robert R. Reed – Not Approved

Hon. Rosalyn Richter – Approved

Hon. Troy Webber – Approved


Civil Court, 2nd Municipal District

Hon. Margaret Pui Yee Chan – Approved


Civil Court, 4th Municipal District

Judy H. Kim – Approved

Hon. Eileen Rakower – Not Approved


Civil Court, 7th Municipal District

Hon. Shari Michels – Not Approved

Aija Tingling – Approved


Civil Court, 9th Municipal District

Hon. Lori Sattler – Approved


Civil Court, New York County

Josh E. Hanshaft – Approved

Emily Morales-Minerva – Approved


Queens County

Supreme Court, 11th Judicial District

Hon. Cheree Buggs – Approved

Hon. Joseph Esposito – Approved

Hon. Marguerite Grays – Approved

Hon. Ernest Hart – Approved

Joseph F. Kasper – Not Approved

Hon. Margaret Parisi McGowan – Approved

Hon. William Viscovich – Approved

Hon. Joseph Zayas – Approved


Richmond County

Civil Court, 2nd Municipal District

Hon. Philip Straniere – Approved


Civil Court, Richmond County

Hon. Kim Dollard – Not Approved

Hon. Barbara I. Panepinto – Not Approved


*          *          *


Set forth below are the previously disclosed results of the City Bar’s evaluation of those candidates who ran in the contested Democratic Party primary elections for Civil Court in Kings and New York Counties on September 13 and advanced to the General Election on November 8.


Kings County

Civil Court, 5th Municipal District

Rachel E. Freier – Not Approved


Civil Court, Kings County

Dena E. Douglas – Approved

Odessa Kennedy – Approved


New York County

Civil Court, 6th Municipal District

Sabrina B. Kraus – Approved


Note: To ensure the thoroughness and integrity of the ratings process, the City Bar cannot comment beyond what is provided in this release.


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