ABA Adopts Resolution Co-Sponsored by City Bar & ABA International Law Section Urging President Trump to Withdraw Executive Order Restricting Immigration

The American Bar Association House of Delegates adopted a resolution at its February 6th Midyear Meeting urging President Donald Trump to withdraw Executive Order 13,769, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”  The Executive Order suspends all refugee admission into the country for 120 days, indefinitely suspends the entry of Syrian refugees and suspends immigrant and non-immigrant entry into the United States for 90 days of nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries, with limited exceptions for certain holders of diplomatic and related visas.  The City Bar and the ABA’s International Law Section drafted Resolution 10C which, among other things (1) urges the President to withdraw the Executive Order; (2) urges the Executive Branch to ensure “full, prompt, and uniform compliance with court orders” addressing the Executive Order; and (3) calls on the Executive Branch to take care that any Executive Order regarding border security, immigration enforcement and terrorism respect the bounds of the Constitution, comply with international law obligations, and not use religion or nationality as a basis for barring an otherwise eligible individual from entering the United States. 

Glenn Hendrix, delegate for the ABA’s International Law Section, rose to move for the adoption of Resolution 10C – read his statement of support here.  

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For more information, read the ABA’s coverage here.