Event Space Rental – 42West44

42West44 Space Rental

The City Bar’s event space rental service – 42West44 – offers unique space rentals for both City Bar members and the public. From corporate events, business meetings and film shoots to cocktail parties and weddings, 42West44 is the ideal location to host your next event. For large events, choose from our new, award-winning catering or bring your own. Our in-house catering is provided for meetings.

Find out more and start planning your event today by visiting www.42-west-44.com.

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Event Space Rental Policy

Any individual or group may request to rent space at 42West44, provided that the use is lawful and does not interfere or conflict with the City Bar’s mission or operations.  The City Bar will not rent space to any individual or group that practices or advocates for discrimination based on national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender (including identity and expression), disability, age, or any other basis prohibited by law, and reserves the right to decline any event in its sole discretion.  Political fundraisers and campaign events are not permitted.