The Thomas E. Dewey Medal

The Thomas E. Dewey medal is presented annually to an outstanding assistant district attorney in each of the City’s District Attorney’s offices and in the Office of the City’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor. The Dewey Medal is patterned after the existing Henry L. Stimson Medal, which is awarded annually to outstanding Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the two federal districts in New York City. Among prosecutors in New York County, Thomas E. Dewey is remembered as having ushered in the era in which the District Attorney’s office has been staffed by professional prosecutors chosen on merit rather than through political patronage. Dewey first came to the public’s attention as a prosecutor in the 1930s, instituting successful criminal proceedings against gangsters, bootleggers and organized crime figures of the day. By 1937, Dewey was elected District Attorney of New York County, where he served one term before resigning to run for governor. The awards are made possible by the generosity of the firm of Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky LLP.


Lisa DelPizzo, New York County
Thomas G. Van Noy, Office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor
James Goward, Bronx County
Peter McCormack, Queens County
Thomas Litsky, Richmond County
Miss Gregory, Kings County


Rene Aponte, Bronx County
Christopher Blank, Kings County
Peter Casolaro, New York County
John Castellano, Queens County
Jeffrey Curiale, Richmond County
Jannine Rowser, Special Narcotics
Watch video of the awards ceremony here.


Odalys C. Alonso, Bronx County
Susan Axelrod
, New York County
Colleen D. Babb
, Queens County
Michele Molfetta
, Richmond County
Kelli M. Muse
, Kings County
Lisa Tompkins
, Special Narcotics

Christine Scaccia – Bronx County
Kin Wang Ng – Kings County
Christine Keenan – New York County
Kelly Sessoms-Newton – Queens County
Morrie Kleinbart – Richmond County
Eryck Kratville – Special Narcotics
Watch video of the awards ceremony here.

Astrid Borgstedt – Bronx County
Leonard Joblove – Kings County
Christopher Conroy, New York County
Robert J. Masters – Queens County
Lisa Davis – Richmond County
Andrés Torres – Special Narcotics

Raymond Valerio
– Bronx County
Howard L. Jackson
– Kings County
Audrey Moore
– New York County
James W. Evangelou
– Queens County
Thomas Ridges
– Richmond County
Bernice Ordoñez
– Special Narcotics

Lawrence D. Piergrossi – Bronx County
Ann Bordley – Kings County
Alan Gadlin – New York County
Mary M. Lowenburg – Queens County
Tuesday Muller-Mondi – Richmond County
Nigel I. Farinha – Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Derek Lynton
– Bronx County
Joseph Alexis
– Kings County
John Temple
– New York County
Nicoletta J. Caferri
– Queens County
Paul Harvey
– Special Narcotics Prosecutor
Adam Silberlight
– Richmond County

Edward Saslaw – Queens County
Karen E. Varriale – Richmond County
Peter Kougasian – Special Narcotics Prosecutor
Martha Bashford – New York County
Mark E. Feldman – Kings County
Donald Levin – Bronx County

Cari Ferreiro – Bronx County
Mark J. Hale – Kings County
Edward Starishevsky – New York County
Karen H. Rankin – Queens County
David Frey – Richmond County
Clark Abrams – Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Nicole Keary –
Bronx County
Joan B. Gabbidon –
Kings County
Nitin Savur –
New York County
Jessica L. Melton –
Queens County
Mark A. Palladino –
Richmond County
Joseph J. Tesoriero – 
Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Edward Talty – Bronx County
Lance Patrick Ogiste – Kings County
Judy Salwen – New York County
Donna Aldea – Queens County
Wanda DeOliveira – Richmond County
Jodie Kane – Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Joseph N. Ferdenzi – Bronx County
Rhonnie Jaus – Kings County
Warren J. Murray, Jr. – New York County
Julie S. Trivedi – Queens County
Anne Grady – Richmond County
Meggan Dodd – Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Peter D. Coddington
– Bronx County
– Read City Bar President Sam Seymour’s introduction of Mr. Coddington

Mary D. Hughes – Kings County
– Read City Bar President Sam Seymour’s introduction of Ms. Hughes

Connie L. Fernandez – New York County
– Read City Bar President Sam Seymour’s introduction of Ms. Fernandez

Kristen Kane – Queens County
– Read City Bar President Sam Seymour’s introduction of Ms. Kane

Karen Schoenberg – Richmond County
– Read City Bar President Sam Seymour’s introduction of Ms. Schoenberg

Steven M. Goldstein – Special Narcotics Prosecutor
– Read City Bar President Sam Seymour’s introduction of Mr. Goldstein

Jeffrey Glucksman – Bronx County
Wanda Lucibello – Kings County
Mark Dwyer – New York County
Marjory D. Fisher – Queens County
Quentin F. Smith – Richmond County
Rhonda Ferdinand – Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Terry A. Gottlieb – Bronx County
Charles M. Guria – Kings County
Joel J. Seidemann – New York County
James Clark Quinn – Queens County
Paul A. Capofari – Richmond County
Lisa DePasquale – Special Narcotics Prosecutor

David E. Greenfield
– Bronx County
Michael F. Vecchione – Kings County
Audrey S. Moore – New York County
Johnette Traill – Queens County
Mario F. Mattei – Richmond County

Elisa F. Koenderman – Bronx County
Anne J. Swern – Kings County
Patrick J. Dugan – New York County
Anthony M. Communiello, Jr. – Queens County
Yolanda L. Rudich – Richmond County

Michael H. Cooper – Bronx County
Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi – Kings County
Leroy Frazer, Jr. – New York County
Scott E. Kessler – Queens County
Timothy J. Koller – Richmond County