The Milton Handler Lectures

The Executive Committee established the Milton Handler Lectures on January 3, 1973. These lectures are given from time to time and are made possible by a generous endowment fund established by Professor Handler. The lectures are devoted to developments in the law of antitrust, a field of law in which Professor Handler was one of the leading authorities.


Bill Baer, Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution, former DOJ Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust and former Director of the FTC Bureau of Competition – “Competition Policy and Enforcement in the Biden Administration”. (Text with footnotes)




Professor Timothy Wu, Julius Silver Professor of Law, Science and Technology at Columbia Law School, and recent Special Assistant to the President for Technology and Competition Policy – “A New Era: The Biden Administration’s Antitrust Policy”

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Jonathan Kanter, Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice


2019 Professor Einer Elhauge, Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor of Law, Harvard Law School – “Horizontal Shareholding”

2018 Hon. Katherine B. Forrest – “Big Data, Exclusionary Behavior and Economic Efficiency”

2014 Joshua D. Wright, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission – “Antitrust in the 21st Century”

2012 Professor Herbert Hovenkamp, Ben and Dorothy Willie Chair, The University of Iowa’s College of Law – “Innovation and Antitrust”

2011 Mark A. Lemley, William H. Neukom Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

2010, C. Scott Hemphill, Professor of Law and Milton Handler Fellow, Columbia Law School

2006 Dale Collins; David I. Meyer; Dr. Janusz A. Ordover; J. Thomas Rosch

2005 Dale Collins; Hon. Lewis A. Kaplan; Deborah A. Garza; William E. Kovacic

2004 Dale Collins; Hon. John D. Bates; Thomas O. Barnett; William E. Kovacic; John D. Harkrider; Margaret Guerin-Calvert

2002 Judge Frank H. Easterbrook; Timothy J. Muris; R. Hewitt Pate; Stephen M. Axinn

2001 Deborah P. Herman; Thomas B. Leary; Michael H. Byowitz; Jonathan M. Jacobson
” Significant Developments in Antitrust Practice and Jurisprudence over the last Year”

1999 Richard G. Parker; Constance K. Robinson;
Richard M. Steuer
“Developments in Anti-Trust Law”

1993 Eleanor M. Fox
“Antitrust, Trade and the 21st Century—
Rounding the Circle”

1990 Robert Pitofsky
“Antitrust’s Renascence”

1989 Phillip Areeda
Herbert Hovenkamp “Antitrust’s Protected Classes”

1987 Phillip Areeda
“Anticipating Antitrust’s Centennial—Session 2”

1986 Phillip Areeda
“Anticipating Antitrust’s Centennial—Session 1”

1985 Phillip Areeda
“Stalking the Rule of Reason”

1984 John J. Gibbons
“The Antitrust Jurisprudence of the Third Circuit”

1982 Earl E. Pollock
“Antitrust at the Circuit Court of Appeals Level—
The Antitrust Jurisprudence of the Seventh Circuit”

1981 Michael Malina
“The Antitrust Jurisprudence of the Second Circuit”

1977 Arlin M. Adams
“Justice John Marshall Harlan and the Antitrust Laws”

1975 Donald F. Turner
“The Scope of ‘Attempt to Monopolize’”