The Herman Goldman Memorial Lectures

The Herman Goldman Memorial Lectures are made possible through a generous grant from the Herman Goldman Foundation, Inc.  Given in memory of Mr. Herman Goldman, the lectures are related to subjects dealing with the improvement and development of the law relating to trusts, estates, and tax, subjects in which Mr. Goldman was particularly interested and expert.

2011 Kevin Downing & Mark E. Matthews
“Offshore Accounts and the New IRS Voluntary Compliance Initiative”

2010 Thomas Barthold
“Refundable Tax Benefits”

2008 James Buckley
“The Prospects, Policy, and Politics of Federal Tax Reform”

2006 Paul R. McDaniel
“Territorial vs. Worldwide International Tax Systems: Which is Better for the U.S.?”

2000 Moderator: Hon. James S. Halpern, Speakers: Charles Davenport and Edward McCaffery
“A Debate: Should We End Life Support for Death Taxes”

1998 Moderator: Jerome Kurtz, Speakers: Fred T. Goldberg, Jr.; Donald F. Ketti; Mark L. McConaghy; James W. Wetzler
“IRS Reform and the Future of Federal Tax Administration”

1991 James W. Wetzler
“The Role of Fairness in State Tax Policy”

1989 Theodore Tannenwald, Jr.
“The Tax Litigation Process: Where It Is Now and Where It Is Going”

1987 Martin D. Ginsburg
“Whatever Happened to Tax Simplification?”

1982 Maurice Rosenberg
“What Are Courts For: Their Roles and Their Alternatives”

1980 Patrick J. Rohan
“Property, Politics and the Public Weal: The Future of Urban America”

1979 Lawrence P. King
“The Rehabilitation of Commercial Enterprises: Earlier Bankruptcy Laws and the Bankruptcy Code of 1978”

1978 John G. Heimann
“The Philosophy of Regulation”

1976 Stanley S. Surrey
“The Present Status of the Tax Legislative Process—Is the Machinery Breaking Down?”

1975 Randolph W. Thrower
“Taxation—A Test of National Character”

1974 Edwin S. Cohen
“Tax Revision—Rhetoric and Reality”

1973 Norris Darrell
“Reflections on the Federal Income Tax”

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