Municipal Affairs Awards

The Municipal Affairs Awards were established to recognize outstanding achievement as an Assistant Corporation Counsel.

Desiree Alexander
, Tort
Safiya Edwards
, Family Court
Eric Lee
, Legal Counsel
John Lovejoy
, Economic Development
Morgan McKinney
, Special Federal Litigation
Michael Smilowitz
, Legal Counsel
Nathan Taylor
, Environmental Law
David Thayer
, General Litigation
Laurel Zabel
, Contracts and Real Estate

Cherie Brown
, Family Court
Gregory Desire
, Family Court
MacKenzie Fillow
, Appeals
Brachah Goykadosh
, Special Federal Litigation
Rebecca Lipman
, Legal Counsel
Rita Pasarell
, Municipal Finance
Samantha Schonfeld
, Administrative Law and Regulatory Litigation

Kwame Akosah
, Legal Counsel
Adam Dembrow
, Tax and Bankruptcy
Edwar Estrada
, Tort
Hannah Faddis
, Special Federal Litigation
Robin Levin
, Family Court
Dominique Saint-Fort
, Labor and Employment Law
Rosemary Yogiaveetil
, General Litigation

Matthew Bridge,
Contracts and Real Estate Division
Maria DeCastro,
Special Federal Litigation Division
Ian Forster,
General Litigation Division
Hope Lu,
 Affirmative Litigation Division
Shawna MacLeod,
Labor and Employment Divsion
Joseph Pepe,
 Family Court Division
Melanie West, Appeals Division

William Brennan,
Economic Development Division
Matthew Ellias,
Tort Division
Sandra Metallo-Barragan,
E-Discovery Group
Kavin Thadani,
 Special Federal Litigation Division
Amber Thiel,
Legal Counsel
Katherine Vogel,
 Family Court Division

Candice Cho, Legal Counsel
Ingrid Gustafson, Appeals Division
Joshua Lax, Special Federal Litigation Division
Natalie Smith, Family Court Division
Emily Stitelman, Administrative Law Division
Lilia Toson, Affirmative Litigation Division
Omar Tuffaha, General Litigation Division

Nicole Aldridge-Henry, Tort Division
Megan Churnetski, Economic Development Division
Devon Goodrich, Environmental Law Division
Emily Krueger, Family Court Division
Daniel Lim, Litigation Support Division
Suzanna Mettham, Special Federal Litigation Division
Susan Turk, Commercial & Real Estate litigation division

Aaron Bloom, Affirmative Litigation Division
Lauren Lively, General Litigation
Peter Mancuso, Tort Division
Michael Moore, Economic Development Division
Kathy Park, Appeals Division
Kathleen Schmid, Environmental Law Division
Katrina Vetrano, Family Court Division

Lori Barrett, Contracts and Real Estate
Michelle Benedetto, Bronx Tort Division
Brenda Cooke, Special Federal Litigation
Erin Gover, Family Court
Shanel Spence, Tort Division
William Vidal, Commercial and Real Estate

Evan Brustein, Family Court
Andrea Hecht, Family Court
Rachel Moston, Administrative Law
Susan Greenberg, Legal Counsel
Sabita Krishnan, Affirmative Litigation Division

Toni Gantz, Legal Counsel Division
Jasmine Georges, Administrative Law Division
Brian Francolla, Special Federal Litigation Division
Meredith Salvaggio, Family Court Division
Andrea O’Connor, Legal Recruitment
Andrew Lipkin, Senior Counsel Tax & Bankruptcy Division

Eduardo Crosa
, Senior Counsel, Legal Counsel Division
Elizabeth Daitz, Senior Counsel, Special Federal Litigation Division
Vanessa Facio-Lince, Assistant Deputy Borough Chief, Bronx Family Court
Carrie Noteboom, Senior Counsel, Environmental Law Division
Joshua Wolf, Assistant Corporation Counsel, Tax and Bankruptcy Litigation Division

Amanda C. Goad
, Environmental Law Division
Kuuku Minnah-Donkoh, Tort Division, Bronx
Peter G. Farrell, Special Federal Litigation Division
Michael J. Pastor, Legal Counsel Division
Jenna K. Powers, Family Court Division

Ivan A. Mendez, Jr
., Labor and Employment Division
Amrita Prabhakar Barth, Contracts and Real Estate Division
Danielle Marie Boccio, Family Court Division (Queens)
Siobhan O’Grady, Family Court (Brooklyn)
Andrew J. Potak, Tort Division (Brooklyn)
Eric P. Sugar, Tort Division (Bronx)

Aimee L. Sklar, Family Court Division (Queens)
Cecilia Williams, Family Court Division
Natalie H. Prokop, Division of Legal Counsel
Susan Paulson, Senior Counsel, Appeals Division
Sheila L. Gomez, Senior Counsel, Tort Division
Michael Shender, Tort Division

Ali Ayazi
, Labor and Employment Law Division
Kim Conway, General Litigation Division
Tal Golomb, Legal Counsel Division
Nicole Ludwig, Tort Division (Bronx)
Michael Ruseskas, Family Court Division (Queens)

Carlos Cruz-Abrams
, Legal Counsel Division
Krishna Jayaram, Economic Development Division
Lavanya Pisupati, Tort Division (Bronx)
Stephanie Schwartz, Family Court Division (Queens)
Tracy Triplett, Environmental Law Division

Gabriela Cacuci
, Tax and Bankruptcy Division
Michelle Goldberg-Cahn, Administrative Law Division
Donna Kasohm, General Litigation Division
Meredith Kopelow, Family Court Division

Theresa Wilson Campbell
, Family Court Division
Jared Hatcliffe, Tort Division
Sheryl Neufeld Kamholz, Administrative Law Division
Concepcion Montoya, Special Federal Litigation Division
Scott Shorr, Appeals Division

Michael Chadirjian
, Tort Division
Howard Friedman, Contracts and Real Estate Division
Rachel Livingston, Tort Division
Jennfier Rossan, Special Federal Litigation Division
Carolyn Wolpert, General Litigation

Lisa Black
, Special Federal Litigation Division
Lisa Grumet, General Litigation Division
Matthew Maiorana, Special Litigation Unit, Tort Division
Alexandra Pinilla, Tort Division
Eric Proshansky, Affirmative Litigation Division

Anthony W. Crowell
, Division of Legal Counsel
Karen Leslie Doyle, Environmental Law Division
Jenny A. Montana, Tort Division
Beth Nedow, Family Court Division
Jorge Garcia-Tuduri, Economic Development Division

Brian Cody

Susan Choi-Hausman
Rachel Goldman
Joan Margiotta
Mark McIntyre
Jonathan Michaels