Daniel Ferrere Memorial Lecture

The Ferrere Memorial Lecture is given in honor of Daniel Ferrere, founder and Managing Partner of Ferrere Abogados, the biggest law firm in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia, and one of the few truly multinational firms in South America. The Lecture serves to draw attention to these smaller countries of the Americas, and to honor Daniel Ferrere’s professional and public-spirited leadership. Daniel Ferrere was the founder and managing partner of Ferrere Abogados, headquartered in Montevideo, and a longtime active member of the Committee on Inter-American Affairs. The Committee has created this lecture to commemorate his dedication to legal excellence and to a greater understanding of the countries of South America.

Soledad Nuñez
Former Minister of Housing and Habitat of Paraguay

Ramón Méndez
Director of Planning, Government of the Department of Montevideo, Uruguay
Former Uruguayan Secretary of Energy (2008-2015) and Secretary of Climate Change (2015-2016)

Michael C. Camuñez
President & CEO, ManattJones Global Strategies LLC

Carlos Mesa
Former President of Bolivia

Benigno María López Benítez
Senior Advisor to the IMF Executive Director; former director of the Central Bank of Paraguay

Ronaldo Veirano
Managing Partner, Veirano Advogados, Brazil