21 Day Antiracism Challenge

It doesn’t matter how educated a person might be, if they have been fed a revisionist history that doesn’t come to terms with or acknowledge the devastating consequences of our country’s history, inequity and violence, that education serves its purpose in perpetuating the status quo and further inequity into the foreseeable future.

For this reason and many others, ODEIB is committed to continuing to educate, and we’re excited to invite you to complete our 21 Day Antiracism Challenge. Every weekday during the month of February 2024, ODEIB circulated a prompt to help guide participants through their antiracism journey.

Over the weekends we gave them an “assignment” to help apply what they are learned and to continue practicing  antiracism with intention and attention.

Throughout the challenge, endeavored to provide participants with multiple levels of learning:

  • Level 1 will consist of tasks aimed at providing exposure to concepts and memorization is the goal.
  • Level 2 aims at practice and application of the material.
  • Level 3 aims at providing opportunities to analyze and evaluate the material to provide deeper levels of learning and understanding.

If you are new to antiracism, exploration of the Level 1 task may be enough for any given day’s challenge. But if you find that you are already familiar with the information provided in the challenge, a Level 2 or 3 task may be a better fit for you and your journey.

Where applicable, we’ve included a Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) summary as we have no intention of hiding the ball here – our ultimate goal is to support YOU on your antiracism journey.

During the challenge, we highly encourage keeping a journal or document where you track your thoughts, impressions, the exercises, and anything else worth noting. Intentionally reflecting on and tracking what you are doing during this challenge will help to solidify your growth and learning while also allowing you to place your attention and intention on the effort.