Mindful Mondays: City Bar Series on Well-Being and Mindfulness

The Inner Work of Racial Justice: A Conversation with Rhonda V. Magee and Cecilia B. Loving

Originally held on Monday, June 15, 2020 | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Program Co-Instructors:

Cecilia B. Loving
Deputy Commissioner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Fire Department of New York City

Rhonda V. Magee
Professor of Law, University of San Francisco

  • This program will share how the practice of mindfulness provides awareness, insight and resilience, expands awareness of racism and provides tools for engaging in transformative social change. Lawyer, author, mindfulness teacher, and storyteller, Rhonda V. Magee, will be interviewed by New York City Bar Association Mindfulness and Well-Being Chair, Cecilia B. Loving. They will discuss how mindfulness and compassion practices help disrupt bias and bring about social change, based on Magee’s new book The Inner Work of Racial Justice.

    Although most organizations address diversity and equity, rarely is inclusion addressed; how we can navigate beyond the safety of those we refer to us “us” to realize our connection with those we perceive as “them.” You will gain insight, tools and practices to address unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, institutionalized racism, and systemic injustices.

    Please note: This program will consist of audio-only instruction by the faculty, along with a visual aid presentation.

    Program Fee:
    Free for Members | $50 for Nonmembers

  • Rhonda V. Magee is Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco. A storyteller with the heart of a poet, she is an internationally-recognized thought and practice leader on integrating Mindfulness into Higher Education, Law and Social Justice and a Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Professor Magee is the author of the book The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities through Mindfulness (2019).

    Cecilia B. Loving is Deputy Commissioner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of the Fire Department of New York City, where she provides leadership for developing and maintaining a positive and holistic work environment for over 17,000 members. She is founder of the Mindfulness Group at FDNY and the FDNY Mindfulness Newsletter, as well as Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the NYC Bar Association’s Committee on Mindfulness and Well-Being in the Law. She has written nine books, including her first book of poetry, Unbroken Circles: Holding Space, Finding Forgiveness, Transcending Edges (2020), God is a Lawyer Too: Ten Laws of Unlimited Success (2014), and God is a Brown Girl Too (2009).

  • New York: 1.0 Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias
    New Jersey: 1.0 General
    California: 0.5 Elimination of Bias
    Pennsylvania: 0.5 General
    Connecticut: Available to Licensed Attorneys

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  • Sponsoring Association Committee:
    Mindfulness and Well-Being, Cecilia B. Loving, Chair

    Co-Sponsoring Association Committees:
    Alternative Dispute Resolution, Charles M. Newman, Chair
    Government Ethics & State Affairs, Jennifer G. Rodgers, Chair
    Mental Health Law, Karen P. Simmons, Chair

    Co-Sponsored By:
    Lawyer Assistance Program, Eileen Travis, Director
    Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Deborah Martin Owens, Executive Director

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