Women vs. Extremism: In Their Own Words

Women vs. Extremism: In Their Own Words

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Women from several countries where extremism and political conflict threaten women’s rights, and other experts, will speak about current conditions, the problems women in these countries face, and future prospects.

Speakers include:

Hon. Zakia Hakki, a Kurdish Iraqi, appointed in 1959 as the first woman judge in Iraq and the MENA region, former member of the Iraqi Parliament, and founder of the Kurdistan Women Foundation.

Carole Basri, a United States attorney of Iraqi descent, Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School, who served in the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and has been active in promoting human rights in Iraq for over twenty years.

Gissou Nia, Deputy Director, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, New York, an NGO dedicated to monitoring and reporting on human rights in Iran.

R. Evon Idahosa, Esq., attorney, founder and Executive Director of PathFinders Justice Initiative, Inc., New York, an NGO dedicated to the fight for women’s rights throughout the world. Ms. Idahosa, who is from Nigeria, focuses much of her activities on the problems faced by women in that country.

Esohe Aghatise, a Nigerian human rights activist, particularly involved in issues involving the trafficking of girls and women.

Manizha Naderi, Executive Director of Women for Afghan Women. WAW runs legal aid centers, shelters and other programs for women throughout Afghanistan and operates a community in the New York area for the Afghan community in the United States.

Sponsors: The United Nations Committee (Ulysses Smith, Chair) the African Affairs Committee (Elizabeth Barad and Brandon Smith, Chairs), and the Council on International Affairs (Betsy Plevan, Chair)