Fostering Mental Health for Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Colleagues Through Challenging Times


September is National Recovery Month, in celebration we hosted a discussion of how our COVID-19 reality is impacting all of our mental health. The program addressed how you might spot a substance use or mental health disorder in yourself or someone else. We also discussed strategies and tools used by people in recovery that can help everyone today.

Lisa Smith is a former practicing lawyer and law firm executive, as well as a recovery coach, speaker, and podcast host. She works with legal employers and other organizations to break the stigma around substance use and mental health disorders, and to promote employee wellbeing. Lisa is the author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar, her acclaimed memoir of high-functioning addiction and recovery in the world of New York City corporate law.

Eilene Zimmerman is a journalist and social worker. For three decades, she has written about business, technology and social issues for a wide array of national magazines and newspapers. She was a columnist for The New York Times Sunday Business section for six years and since 2004 has been a regular contributor to the newspaper. This month, she completed a Masters degree in social work. She is the author of Smacked, a story of white collar ambition, addiction and tragedy.

Eileen Travis is a clinical social worker and the Executive Director of the City Bar’s Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP). LAP provides free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, law students, staff and family members faced with mental health, substance use and any other personal or professional issue that effects their quality of life.

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