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meeting-zone-logoWhether you need to instantly discuss a case via a conference call, work collaboratively on a contract or record and transcribe depositions, MeetingZone’s legal services are proven to be secure and reliable.

Scheduling one off or recurring conferences is easy and client costs can be re-billed accurately by assigning matter numbers to each call.
We operate with total transparency so that you only pay for what you use, there are no hidden charges and you can check any aspect of your account in real time.
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New York City Bar Members receive a 15% discount on Redact-It®./span>

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leader in viewing, collaboration and redaction technology is offering a 15% discount on their product, Redact-It®, exclusively to New York City Bar Members.


Redact-It® is an electronic redaction software which makes it easy to remove sensitive content from virtually any document, including PDF, Word, Excel and WordPerfect. The software makes redacting, which is usually a very tedious process, simple and more efficient. Redact-It® allows you to select an area to redact and also search for text strings or patterns within the document, such as Social Security numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers and dates of birth. It can also record a reusable script. Redact-It is user-friendly and it provides professional-looking TIFF or PDF versions with all redacted information completely removed. The original document is still preserved in its pristine state. Click here to purchase Redact-It now!