“My Rights, My Nation” Constitutional Rights Symposium

Annual constitutional rights forum for high school students to discuss specific areas of constitutional rights and freedoms in their lives right now – and to think about them in the perspective of their futures.

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Each fall, students join judges, lawyers, and other high school students from the New York area to learn what’s behind the law and discuss how the Constitution affects their lives by examining recent Supreme Court cases.

Past Discussion Topics 

New Technology and the Fourth Amendment
Free Speech: Schools, the Internet & Social Media
Prison Overcrowding: Unsuitable Conditions versus Public Safety
Constitutionality of Protecting Minors from Violent Media
Freedom to Offend & Intimidate
Civil Liberties v. National Security: Providing American Aid to Foreign Organizations Accused of Supporting Terrorism
Treating Youth as Adults in the Criminal Justice System
Separation of Church & State
Drugs, Health & the Constitution
Student Free Speech
Same Sex Marriage
Capital Punishment
Affirmative Action and the Fourteenth Amendment
Audio/Videotaping Police Operations
Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility in New York State