Diversity Cluster Committees

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Kathy Chin & Matthew Morningstar, Co-Chairs
Made up of representatives from the City Bar’s signatory law firms and companies as well as leading thinkers on diversity and inclusion issues, liaises with the Office to provide thought leadership and support for our signatories, and serves as a parent committee to the eight Diversity Cluster Committees.

Diversity Pipeline Initiatives
Van Ann Bui, Chair
Provides academic support, exposure to the profession, substantive skill development, and mentoring/networking opportunities for students in high school, college, and law school who wish to pursue a legal career.

Disability Law
John Egan, Chair
Addresses issues including employment, housing, barrier-free design and construction, public accommodations, education, health care, transportation, activities of state, local and federal governments and benefit systems.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights
Noah Lewis & Geoffrey Wertime, Co-Chairs
Addresses legal and policy issues as well as employment rules and procedures in legal institutions and in the court system affecting lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender individuals. Minorities in the Courts Focuses on the treatment of litigants, lawyers and court personnel of color in New York's state and federal courts. The Committee seeks to address topics to assist the development of minority lawyers and court personnel as well as address the experiences of litigants within the court systems in New York State.

Minorities in the Profession
Johan Tatoy & Jonathan Waldauer, Co-Chairs
Addresses issues of concern to lawyers of color in New York, and provides networking opportunities for minority lawyers.

Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers
Charmaine Slack & Michele Natal, Co-Chairs
Addresses issues and policies concerning law firm and legal department recruitment and retention, primarily through the Association's Diversity Fellowship Program, which matches first year law students from underrepresented populations with legal employers for summer employment.

Women in the Courts Task Force
Kerry Brennan
Addresses issues faced by women lawyers, litigants and court personnel in New York's courts.


Women in the Legal Profession
Judith A. Archer, Chair
Focuses on the advancement of women in the legal profession, and addresses issues faced by women in law offices, corporate law departments, the public sector and other legal settings.