Committee Reports

Testimony on Proposed Amendments to the NYC Health Code Related to Removing the Prohibition on Keeping Domestic Ferrets as Pets


In testimony before the NYC Board of Health, the Committee on Animal Law supported proposed amendments to the New York City Health Code to remove the prohibition on pet ownership of domestic ferrets and require certain public health safeguards with respect to such animals kept as pets, such as immunization against rabies, sterilization (including at the time of sale or transfer), and restraint when outdoors. The Committee reasoned that domestic ferrets are recognized as enjoyable household companions (and indeed the current prohibition has not curtailed ferret ownership within the City) and there are minimal health or safety risks associated with keeping such animals with proper vaccinations as pets.


Proposed Amendments to Articles 11 (Reportable Diseases and Conditions) and 161 (Animals) of the New York City Health Code