Committee Reports

Report on legislation to provide for instant run-off voting in New York City


In a joint report, the Committees on Election Law and New York City Affairs expressed support for legislation which would establish an instant run-off method of voting where more than two candidates are running in a primary for New York City-wide office, and any election for Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller, Borough President or councilmember for which all candidates are nominated by independent nominating petition, where at least two candidates appear on the ballot for the same office. The bill would allow voters to rank up to three candidates in order of preference on their ballot during the primary. If no candidate receives at least 50% plus one vote of first choice votes, the two candidates with the most votes proceed to a second round of ballot-counting, with all other candidates being eliminated. In this second round, ballots indicating a first choice vote for an eliminated candidate would be counted as votes for the highest ranked continuing candidate on that ballot. Establishing instant run-offs, the report notes, would save New York City considerable time, resources and money while at the same time ensuring that the candidate ultimately elected in a primary has significant support from her or his party.


Int. 0150-2014 – provides for instant run-off elections in New York City.