Committee Reports

Report in Support of Clarifications to the Definition of “Prospective Relative Guardian” for Purposes of Subsidized Kinship Guardianship Assistance (KinGAP)


The Children and the Law Committee, Family Court and Family Law Committee and Social Welfare Law Committee issued a report in support of legislation which would expand the eligibility of children for subsidized kinship guardianship assistance to expedite permanency for foster children before the family court.  The Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program (KinGAP) provides children in foster care who cannot be returned to their parents and cannot be adopted with a permanent home with a relative.  This bill improves KinGAP in two aspects: 1) it clarifies and expands the definition of relative guardian to include additional adults with close relationships to the child; and 2) it allows guardianship assistance payments to continue until a child reaches the age of 21, regardless of the child’s age when the guardianship arrangement is finalized. As such, the Committees believe that this bill will significantly improve outcomes for youth in foster care by providing children who currently lack a pathway to exit the foster care system with opportunities to find permanent homes with kin.

Originally Issued May 2017; Reissued June 2017 


A.7554-A (AM Hevesi) / S.4833-A (Sen. Avella) – Clarifies the definition of “prospective relative guardian” for purposes of subsidized kinship guardianship assistance (NYS 2017)


Signed by the Governor, Chp. 384 – Oct. 23, 2017