Committee Reports

Letter to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt regarding human rights and the rule of law as it relates to the sentences handed down to the leader of and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Jazeera journalists


In a joint letter to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt), prepared by the Committees on African Affairs and International Human Rights and the Vance Center, the Association expressed grave concern over the confirmation of death sentences for the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and 183 supporters, and the heavy jail sentences handed down to three Al Jazeera journalists. The death sentences imposed on the defendants are the largest confirmed mass death sentences to be passed in Egypt in recent times, and the verdicts and the speed at which the trial was handled have drawn criticism for not meeting basic fair trial standards. The letter urges that the government of Egypt take all necessary measures to ensure that the death sentences are revoked, the defendants on whom the sentences were imposed be accorded a new fair trial, and the journalists be immediately released, steps necessary for Egypt to comply with international law and the Egyptian Constitution.