Committee Reports

Letter to China’s Minister of Justice Regarding Recent Detention of Women’s Rights Defenders


The Committees on International Human Rights and Asian Affairs authored a letter to China’s Minister of Justice expressing deep concern regarding the recent detention of five women’s rights defenders. The activists have all been involved in promoting equal rights for women in China, most recently regarding sexual harassment. These detentions, seemingly undertaken in response to peaceful advocacy, are inconsistent with China’s Constitution, its Criminal Procedure Law and Law on Lawyers, and international law. The letter urges the Chinese government to immediately release the defenders from custody, as well as to take all necessary steps to ensure that they and other human rights defenders in China are free to engage in the peaceful and legitimate activities necessary to defend human rights without fear of retribution and reprisal. The letter further urges the Chinese government to ensure that all lawyers, including those representing the five detained women, are free to meet and communicate freely with their clients without intimidation, hindrance, harassment, or improper interference.