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New York City Bar Association Releases Responses from Mayoral and Comptroller Candidates to Ethics Questionnaire


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New York City Bar Association Releases Responses from Mayoral and Comptroller Candidates to Ethics Questionnaire

New York, September 5, 2013 – The New York City Bar Association has released the responses it received to a questionnaire entitled “Ten Questions about Public Integrity for Citywide Candidates 2013.” Drafted by the City Bar’s Government Ethics Committee, the questionnaire was submitted to candidates for New York City Mayor and Comptroller. The City Bar has received responses from Mayoral candidates Bill De Blasio, Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson, and Comptroller candidates Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer. The questions cover a range of topics that address ethics in government and ask candidates about changes they would make to promote integrity while in office. Questions include:

  • Certain major scandals in New York City government over the years have involved abuse of the contracting system by private vendors. Please describe what reforms, if any, you believe are needed to promote integrity in contracting.
  • Have you developed specific policies and procedures in your own career, whether in the public or private sector and including in your current campaign, to promote integrity in any office or organization you have led?
  • Do you believe any legislative measures, on a City or State level, are needed to improve ethical conduct in city government and, if so, what legislative changes would you propose?
  • Would you recommend any changes in the City’s public campaign finance system and, if so, what are those changes?
  • Do you favor any significant reforms at the key city agencies responsible for public integrity matters, including the Department of Investigation, the Conflict of Interest Board or the current system of Inspectors General?

Questions and answers are available here:

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