What Is the Metaverse, Really?

New York City Bar Association · What Is the Metaverse, Really?


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Almost everyone has heard of the metaverse and seen that word in a splashy headline. But what is it, really, and what could it become in the future? In some sense, the answer is simple and very broad: the metaverse is a new environment for people to interact, shop, play and learn, and a new environment for companies to advertise, market and sell. But the metaverse today is a new Wild West where potential for innovation is matched by potential risk factors in terms of ownership, liability, trademark and intellectual property, and much more. Jerome Walker, Flora Lau and Terry Dugan from the City Bar Digital Technology Task Force dive into the innovations and the risks that are emerging today. And they ask, with creators and companies galloping into the new frontier, where are they going and who will be in charge?

Tune in to hear more about:

  • What is the metaverse? Why was it created? And what is the metaverse experience like?
  • Who are some of the leading companies in the metaverse?
  • Why should lawyers for example, even care about the metaverse?
  • New vocabulary and concepts from the metaverse.
  • What are the legal issues for influencers in the metaverse? How do you deal with the concept of ownership in the metaverse? Who owns the content of the metaverse?
  • What are the trademark and IP issues in the metaverse?
  • What are the product liability issues in the metaverse?
  • What’s next for the metaverse? Who will lead the charge to Web 3.0 and how soon will we get there?

Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/3vKCUWC