Training Yourself on the Dynamics of Inclusivity

New York City Bar Association · Training Yourself on the Dynamics of Inclusivity


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Hayley Gorenberg, co-chair of the LGBTQ Rights Committee, and Mary-Ellen La Rosa, Manager of Pipeline Initiatives and Education, discuss creating inclusive environments and understanding the broader social forces that contribute to inclusivity or lack thereof. They emphasize the importance of training oneself to recognize and dismantle exclusion dynamics, using respectful language, and embracing allyship. The discussion covers challenges such as deadnaming, the significance of pronoun use, and the legal implications of persistent workplace discrimination. The episode also highlights the evolving language around LGBTQ+ identities and the critical role of allies in building supportive spaces.

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Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/3W15opI

00:00 Introduction to Inclusive Environments

01:46 Meet the Experts: Hayley Gorenberg and Mary-Ellen La Rosa

02:32 Understanding Workplace Dynamics and Systems

03:32 Challenges Faced by LGBTQ Individuals in the Workplace

11:47 The Importance of Pronouns and Respectful Language

15:09 Legal Implications of Inclusivity in the Workplace

23:19 The Role of Allyship and Privilege

34:30 Conclusion and Final Thoughts