This Lawyer’s Life: Whytne Brooks – Washington, D.C. Lobbyist

This Lawyer’s Life · Whytne Brooks: Washington, D.C. Lobbyist


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Today we meet Whytne Brooks, Vice President of the Office of Governmental Affairs at New York Life Insurance Company. Whytne shares her journey from a small town in Maryland to becoming a litigator and then a lobbyist, emphasizing the vital role that mentorship and sponsorship played in opening up avenues for her career. Whytne’s story is one of capitalizing on unconventional opportunities and her soft-skill superpowers. She discusses the effects of COVID-19 on her career, how she navigates bias in the profession, and how she has risen through the ranks of the City Bar into its leadership on the Board of Directors. Additionally, Whytne offers personal insights into her routine, values, and passions, including her vegan lifestyle and love for Formula One racing. 

Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/3UZUGy5  

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Episode Outline: 

00:00 Introduction to This Lawyer’s Life 

00:20 Meet Whytne Brooks 

00:53 Journey into Policy Work 

03:45 The Role of Mentorship 

06:12 Navigating Career Challenges 

11:03 Current Work and Challenges 

12:34 Differences Between Lawyers in NY and DC 

15:31 Soft Skills and Relationship Building 

19:57 Impact of COVID-19 

22:56 Involvement with the City Bar 

26:45 Future of the Legal Profession 

29:23 Personal Insights and Reflections 

37:06 Conclusion and Final Thoughts