This Lawyer’s Life: Joam Alisme, Small Law Firm Owner

This Lawyer’s Life · Joam Alisme: Small Law Firm Owner

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Joam Alisme is the Founder and Managing Partner of Alisme Law, a small law firm focused on representing small businesses in litigation matters. Joam shared his professional story from Air Force to New York State Courts, to Everytown for Gun Safety, to law-firm owner. He’s a practitioner with a strong vision of firm culture and growth as he builds his business from the ground up. 

Tune in to learn more about: 

  • How Joam’s career led him to start his own law firm 
  • How Joam learned to set himself up for success in solo practice 
  • How Joam builds his business with diversity, equity and inclusion as core values 
  • How Joam builds and maintains a professional network to support him and his business 
  • How Joam chooses clients and manages his relationships with clients for mutual success 
  • How Joam’s involvement with the City Bar’s Small Law Firm Committee nurtured his career 

Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bityl.co/M6DA