Legal Issues Concerning Animals and the Military

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The military and animals have a long history. Current issues involve the use of animals to assist veterans as well as the enforcement of animal cruelty crimes on military bases. Our panel of experts addresses the clinical and legal perspective on programs in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) working with animals to assist veterans with post deployment issues (e.g. PTSD), issues with veterans acquiring service dogs, the canine research program recently defunded by the VA, and pending legislation like the PAWS Act. We also discuss the 2016 changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice authorizing prosecution of animal cruelty crimes stemming from high profile cases of dog cruelty on military bases.

Christy Capone, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Providence, RI
Sherry Ramsey, Attorney at Law and Professor
Rory E. Riley, Founder of Riley-Topping Consulting

Philip Nostrand, Member, Military Affairs and Justice Committee
Ruth Ross, Member, Animal Law Committee
Dana Capone, Member, Animal Law Committee
Bari Wolf, Member, Animal Law Committee

Sponsoring Association Committees:
Animal Law Committee, Lori Barrett-Peterson, Chair
Military Affairs & Justice Committee, Erik Wilson, Chair

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