NLEP Alumni Testimonials

The NLEP provides new lawyers with a professional home at the New York City Bar Association. Featuring speakers from government, the judiciary and the rest of the legal community, the NLEP offers a continuing education curriculum designed to equip new lawyers with the practical skills and substantive knowledge they need to advance their careers. The program also includes training and experience in professional networking and job interviewing, and access to mentorship opportunities. The NLEP offers a connection to the New York legal community and the opportunities available to new lawyers.


What our alumni think of the
New Lawyer Enrichment Program

How has the NLEP been useful to our participants?

“Being member of the NLEP, and by extension the City Bar, has broadened my professional network. By attending NLEP events, I am able to meet attorneys from a wide range of practice areas.” – Joam Alisme, Assistant Law Clerk, Kings County Supreme Court, New York Law School

“The NLEP program was extremely helpful with teaching me how to use the New York City Bar Association resources, make great connections, attend a variety of thought-provoking CLE, and think outside of the box when it comes to my job search and professional development. I would definitely encourage a recent graduate to consider it!” – Tushara Jones Saint Vitus, Hofstra University School of Law

“NLEP was useful for me primarily because of the networking and support it provided. The program encouraged me to meet attorneys in various practice areas that I would have not met on my own. It helped as a support group as well while I was looking for a job. The panels were very helpful from resume preparation to salary negotiation.– Nutan Sewdath, In House, the Praedium Group, Brooklyn Law School

“NLEP has been helpful in complimenting my resume. As a new attorney, it is helpful to show legal schooling.” – Victorio Roman, Court Square Fellowship, Hofstra University School of Law

“Although I’d had a long career in the legal field before attending law school, NLEP was extremely useful in providing a focus on how to transition into my new role as a lawyer and member of the profession. The career development workshops prompt new lawyers to be deliberate and take control of their careers. – Ralph Carter, Duane Morris LLP, St. John’s University School of Law


What aspects of the NLEP did our alumni enjoy?

“What a pleasure to resume my legal education with CLE instructors of the highest caliber, but without the pressure and the expense and the exams of law school!” – Donald Glassman, Brooklyn Law School

“NLEP created opportunities and thoroughly supplemented the resources that my law school supplied. The NLEP speaker series was the part I particularly enjoyed. It was important that as a recent graduate I saw my law career as something that is long term. That my first job may not be my dream job, but it can lead me there. When I graduated from law school, I quickly learned it is not what I expected. I learned that getting acclimated to the legal profession is a process; I wasn’t expected to know everything upon graduation.– Dalourny Nemorin, Public Defender at Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, CUNY School of Law

So, do our alumni recommend the program?

“NLEP was instrumental in my exploration of law practice areas where I had the opportunity to meet and interview practicing attorneys, expand my professional network, and grow professionally. As I was searching for employment after law school, I was able to demonstrate to prospective employers that even as I was in the process searching for meaningful work and obtaining my license to practice, I was actively engaged in the legal profession.– Vita Trujillo, Office of General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs for the City University of New York , CUNY School of Law

“The NLEP is an incredible program that supported me through the difficult transitions post-lawschool. In addition to learning from and meeting inspiring legal professionals, the program introduced me to the vibrant community that exists in the NYC Bar Association, and the importance of being engaged with it.” – Taier Perlman, Brooklyn Law School

“Yes. I would definitely recommend this program for a recent graduate. I found the Speaker Series to be very helpful in learning about many different career paths.” – Paige Munson, Health Care Advocate at the Center for Independence of the Disabled in New York, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law