LEAP’s all-in-one software is designed to empower law firms to become more efficient, profitable, and productive. We take this responsibility seriously and are dedicated to serving the needs of New York law firms. That is why we decided to give New York City Bar Association Members a 10% discount off LEAP. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Our software provides law firms everything they need to run their practices effectively. This all-encompassing software offers a range of features, including matter management, automated legal forms, email integration, time recording, law firm marketing, and more.

New York law firms using LEAP have an edge over their competitors. Here are a few reasons why LEAP users have an advantage:

Mobility: As a modern attorney, you cannot be confined to your desk. LEAP’s Legal Mobile App provides you with an office, outside your standard brick-and-mortar building. With the Legal Mobile App, you can stay connected to your clients and case files anywhere, at any time.

Efficiency: Law firms achieve quicker collaboration with LEAP. Our legal document management software allows for an exchange of information quickly. Any member of the practice can share documents and case files with another member of your firm. When any user updates information in a matter, you will be notified of the change promptly.

Accessibility: With LEAP, you can instantly access information from your matters wherever you are, if you have a mobile device, iPad, or laptop with Internet connection. This provides you with the freedom to practice anywhere, at any time.

Organization: You’ll discover with LEAP that you won’t need to pay for extra office space to store your case files. All your files will be organized in your electronic matter within LEAP. Our matter management system allows all your files and emails to be arranged to their corresponding matter.

Service: Attorneys using LEAP can respond quickly to their clients’ concerns. Since each matter is accessible from anywhere, on any device, you can obtain the information you need while on-the-go to answer your clients immediately. With LEAP, your clients will undoubtedly provide you with a good rating.

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