Small Law Firm Vendor Program - Small Business Vendors

This pilot program has been established by the Small Law Firm Center of the NYC Bar in collaboration with its on Small Law Firm Committee to help members obtain services from Small Business Vendors.

Vendors must provide law-related goods and services in certain specified areas as well as a significant added value to NYC Bar members, which may consist of preferred pricing, expedited or free delivery, extension of volume discounts, product add-ons, free or no fee services, service warranties and guarantees, or the provision of such other items or services that are otherwise not generally available to small law firms.

To qualify as a small business vendor, participant must have had either gross sales under $500,000 or less that 12 full-time employees in a prior calendar year. All Vendors are required to provide 2 NYC Bar member references. These references are verified by members of the Small Law Firm Committee. If you are a vendor and are interested in participating in this directory please send an email to Eve Guillergan at

Notwithstanding the foregoing, because "Small Law Firm Vendor Program" webpage is accessible to the general public via the internet, its listings may be considered advertising. By agreeing to post these listings the New York City Bar offers no guarantee of a vendor’s competence or level of service. The NYC Bar has not verified the content of any of the advertisements posted and is not responsible for any statements made or goods or services advertised. The NYC Bar reserves the right to decline posting any advertisement.