Member Online Services

Lexis, Westlaw Next and HeinOnline

NYCBAR Member LoginFree access to Lexis Advance, Westlaw Next and HeinOnline is available for members doing research in the Library. The charge for printing is $.10 per page. You may also save to a flash drive. The Library has 10 dedicated Lexis workstations and 9 dedicated Westlaw Next workstations.

Access to Lexis, Westlaw Next and HeinOnline is a member-only benefit.

Select Westlaw Forms (Free Remote Access)

Solo practitioners and members in firms with fewer than 50 attorneys may access the Westlaw Forms database from their home or office computers free of charge. Please Note: Access to ResultsPlus links, EASY EDIT FORMS and certain other non-core Westlaw Forms products are not available. To download or edit a form use the email function. The Westlaw Forms database includes:

McKinney’s Forms
American Jurisprudence Legal Forms
Nichols Cyclopedia of Forms
West’s Legal Forms
New York Business and Legal Forms
National & New York Transactional Forms

Note: If you are having trouble accessing the Westlaw Forms database please temporarily turn off your firewall or internet security. Remember to reactivate your security when your research is complete.

CASEMAKER (Free Remote Access for all members)

Members now have access to Casemaker's broad and comprehensive libraries which cover all 50 states and Federal level materials, as well as access to a suite of tools that make research faster and easier. These premium services include:

  • CaseCheck+ - Casemaker's citator covering all state and federal cases. You see at a glance any later cases negatively affecting the case you are examining.
  • CiteCheck - You will quickly receive a table of case cites in the document and links to any later cases that negatively affect the cases cited.
  • CasemakerDigest - A daily feed of summaries of federal and state appellate cases delivered to the CasemakerDigest website, your email, or your smart phone.

Law Library Microform Consortium (Free Remote Access)

LLMC is available free of charge to members in firms with fewer than 25 attorneys in the library and remotely from your personal computer. LLMC provides full text primary and secondary United States Government documents relating to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, and foreign legal documents, most of which are not available through other online resources.

This rapidly expanding database provides access to digital images from over 10,000 titles of historic legal literature and is keyword searchable. The Consortium is also in the process of scanning and mounting high-quality searchable page images for The New York City Bar's records and briefs collection for the New York Court of Appeals and all four New York Appellate Divisions prior to 1932.

HeinOnline (Free Remote Access)

Solo practitioners and members in firms with fewer than 50 attorneys may access the Hein Online database from their home or office computers free of charge

An award winning web-based database that allows you to browse or search libraries containing law reviews and other historic legal materials in PDF image-based format. The following libraries are available:

Law Journal Library, American Law Institute (including Restatement of the Law), Bar Association Journals, Canada Supreme Court Reports, Code of Federal Regulations, English Reports (Full Reprint), Statutes of the Realm, Federal Register, Intellectual Property, Legal Classics, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, National Moot Court Competition, Pentagon Papers, Treaties and Agreements Library, United States Code, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, United States Congressional Documents, U.S. Federal Legislative Histories Library, U.S. Presidential Library, U.S. Statutes at Large, U.S. Supreme Court Library, the World Trials Library and more.